friday 5: apps we love for event use

We've all seen the video of the bride who takes her phone out of her dress and texts during the middle of her ceremony.  While we don't suggest following the wisdom of the texting bride, we do know that  your smartphone can be very helpful when planning your wedding or your child's next birthday.  We've put together a list of some very helpful apps that we think you should consider for your next event.


Essentially, you are creating Your own App. Hence - YAPP. It's  basically an app for your personal event.  Be it a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, this app helps to brand your event in a way that no other app has done yet. You can make your app private or public. So, if you are looking to go big or keep it just to friends, this app's for you.  We are excited to use this for our upcoming events and suggest you give it a try. Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.29.29 PM It's free for guests to use and for the basic uses, but to customize, there are fees.

4. Over

It's simple.  It's easy to use.  You can add text to any photo and make it look pretty.  Create a meme instantly! Create for use at events, planning and to make fun of friends for the silly things they did at your going away party. Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.08.50 PM

3. Speakeasy Cocktails

Everyone needs a signature cocktail at their event.  However, sometimes deciding on what drink can be difficult. This is an amazing app to help you decide what type of drink you want to serve and how to make them.  From classics to the obscure, this app won't fail you. Salty Dog anyone? Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.46.47 PM $9.99 for iPhone and iPad use.

 2. Awesome Note

Awesome Note isn't just about your next event, though we find it very helpful for organizing all our dates and tasks associated with those dates.  Awesome Note is great for any sort of planning you need to do.  You can store photos, take simple notes, and even draw! Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.52.59 PM


We still think this is the best App available.  You can start saving for your wedding, your vacation, your daughter's graduation party now while tracking what you spend.  It's cloud based so you can access it anywhere.  We also like that they do a credit score questimate to keep you prepared. Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 11.00.00 PM

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