friday 5: entertaining entertainers

So, we know a lot of people want to hire entertainment for their guests at their weddings and birthday parties these days and we heart this idea.  So, we recently came across an idea that inspired us to write this post.  These are our top five picks for entertaining your guests. 5. All laughs We all love a good laugh.  Sometimes, our friends think they are comedians but the rest of us know they are not.  But, if you hire a comedian, you don't have to worry about those friends who try to be funny. Unfortunately, we don't have a comedian to recommend, but we recommend heading to Cap City Comedy Club and pay attention to the opening acts - they are usually local and sometimes, quite funny! 4. Up, up and away!  So, technically, it's not away.  However, hiring a hot air balloon company to come to your corporate party, wedding , or other event has been something people have been doing for years and years and there is a reason why: magic.  There is something magical about being up the air in a balloon.  Usually when you rent a hot air balloon ride for your party you are tethered so you don't float away - it's not the same as flying across the sky, but it's still exhilarating.  Try searching for Austin hot air balloon and choose from your options. 3. Get Hooped Hula hopping isn't just for kids parties.  Adults can have lots of fun too.  Check out Neon Emu's services for glow in the dark or neon fun. Did someone say rave hoopin?  Looking for acrobatics and cirque style? Try calling Corean Gonzales. 2. Some like it HOT! We always thought fire spinners were just a bunch of hippies that needed something to occupy them while they... well, you know: do what hippies do. Well we've been proven wrong and are happy about it.  While they don't have a website, Thundertopia can be reached Imagine kicking your party off with a little fire spinning or maybe you can try it out yourself - though my guess is you are better off trying it without fire to start.   1. Hire the Texas Rollergirls! Okay technically, we have a bias here.  Leigh dabbles in derby and one of her best friends is Shiner Blond, who skates for the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. We know they are always looking to raise money for their bouts and such so not only would you have some great fun but you'd be helping an empowering sport for women.   Call them, they might be willing to teach your part how to hip check properly.  If you have not seen a bout yet, we suggest you do so! Hope this got some ideas in your head!  

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