friday 5: not-so-usual outdoor ceremony spots

Sometimes people like their ceremonies to be in a spot that is special to them, sometimes they want it to be unique and other times they just want to have it be fun and special.  We've put together a list of places that are a little bit different but pack a punch.  We know theses spots aren't for everyone, but we like the idea of planning a ceremony at them. Below the listings, find some helpful questions to consider when searching for a venue. 5. The New Austin Boardwalk images So, we actually went for a run on the Austin Boardwalk this past week and realized how much potential it has for events. There's a spot near the South Shore District that's pretty amazing and the walk itself has some stellar spots. We forgot to take photos cause we were so into the run but the Trail Foundation has some great ones (like the one posted above).  If you have not already, go check it out. 4. Pfluger Bridge

Photo used from City of Austin Parks & Recreation

Okay, you might be thinking we are crazy with this one and I guess we are a little bit.  However, when Leigh first moved to Austin, one of the places she fell in love with instantly was Pfluger Bridge. Her favorite thing to do was end a long run on the bridge overlooking the city, Lady Bird Lake and sometimes even catching a sunset or bats flying over.  We can imagine a wedding ceremony that would accentuate the beauty of the bride and capture the romance of love in Austin. Sure, there might be some passersby but who doesn't want to hear they look gorgeous in their dress? 3 . Fiesta Garden Pedestrian Bridge photo(2) Okay, so maybe we have a slight obsession with bridges.  However, a bridge we don't think enough people have an appreciation for is the bridge that connects Fiesta Garden Park to the baseball fields.  It's a small bridge with a lot of character.  On one side is a offshoot o the lake and the other is LadyBird Lake itself. We imagine flowers up top, we love the shadows and what a recessional. Afterwards a celebration is the park! 2. Barton Springs barton springs i FatScribe We aren't talking standing on the side of Barton Springs, we are talking about getting wet.  Water lovers?  Swim fanatics?  Why not dive into the rest of your life with the one you love at Barton Springs?  Okay, we know it's cold and you might need to dry off a little before you celebrate. Or, you could stand on the diving board and take your chances. 1. Sculpture Falls img_08671 So pretty. So, out of all the places, we love this one the most, but we also know it might be harder to get to than some of the other places.  However, if you have an active family and friends, this is a perfect spot to share your love for each other.  Some things to consider.  Keep the dress short and maybe skip the heels on this one.  You save money on things like decor for the reception though!

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