friday 5: “um, no…” trends

Everyone always talks about amazing trends that are happening at events and weddings.  Well, we've come across five trends we just are't sure we like.  However, maybe we just don't see the beauty - let us know if you think we are wrong! 5. The Upside-Down Wine Glass Centerpiece Okay, so the first time we saw a photo of the concept, we kinda liked it.  However, the more we saw it, the less it grew on us.
4.Other Interesting Photo Ideas Now to be fair, we know everyone has their own ideas on what is awkward and what is not.  We know people have inside jokes, but sometimes playing with photography just shouldn't be done. awkward-russian-wedding-photos-are-a-whole-new-level-of-wtf-nsfw-485-int 3. She's (Not) Crafty, and That's Just My Style If you have not had a chance to pick up Amy Sedaris's book Simple Things, you should. It's hilarious.  And we agree with her point.  Some things really should not be crafted and not everyone is crafty.  So, even if you love a lot of the DIY ideas, don't try and tackle a ton of things if you just aren't crafty.  Friends will often help and professionals are there for a reason.  Is spending four hours on one DIY invitation really worth the $25 you might save?

Here's some examples of DIY gone wrong...


Want more?  Just go to Pinterest and search Pinterest Gone Wrong.  2. Baring the Butt Of It Okay, we actually laughed very hard when we saw these photos and think that as an intimate photo shared between friends, its one thing, but to have it spread across the internet, no. We aren't opposed to butt photos - we've had brides do them, but not the kind where bare-bum is shown. So, when a friend forwarded this article to us from The San Francisco Globe, we did some research. It's happening across America. sanfran   1. Letting Guests Drive Drunk So, we know this isn't really a 2014 trend, but it is a trend that continues and we just don't like it.  We like to drink beer here at Heart & Arrow Events, but we also like cabs and buses and shuttles and pedicabs.  Unfortunately, the most recent numbers we could find were in 2012.  MADD states that in 2012, 1296 people were killed in drunk driving accidents. Wouldn't you rather know your friends got home safely from your next party? Here are some ways you can make sure that happens.
  • Have cabs waiting for people at the end of your party.  Try the Hail a Cab App.
  • Book a shuttle.
  • Have bus schedules available at the end of your party.
  • Hire a barrage of pedicabbers.
Have a great Friday!  

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