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When planning a wedding, you don't usually think much about property taxes. However, after getting married, couples next big step is either having a baby or buying a home. Well, let's ignore having a baby for now and focus instead on buying a house. When you buy a home you start thinking about property taxes. While you will have to start thinking about property taxes as a homeowner, we at Heart & Arrow Events don't think couples should have to stress about property taxes. That's why we became a sponsor at Austinites for Fair Taxes event, Property Tax 101.10410413_767100296708349_3474159879500260879_n Over 80 people came out to the event and learned about property taxes; why we pay them, how tax rates are set, and what state laws impact how much homeowners are paying. In addition, folks were asked to get involved to create a property tax system that doesn't burden homeowners unfairly. The event was a success and we look forward to sponsoring other events that help couples, new and old,  afford to live a happily ever after.

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