What We’re Eating This Week: Taco Bar!

  Well, it's another week.  We hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to start putting together your food menu.  Still not sure what to make?  We've got you covered.  Below is a sample menu of what we are making this week. Enjoy! Menu426

Egg Muffins

eggmuff Feel free to switch out the fillings – I love spinach and mushrooms or tomato and basil!

PB Chocolate Green Smoothie

smoothie 1-cup spinach ½ banana 1-cup almond milk 1 heaping TBLS Cocoa 2 Tablespoons almond butter

Put in a blender and use smoothie setting (if possible).

Tuna & Avocado Mash 1 small can of no sodium added tuna with half an avocado (you can add celery, carrots, etc if you’d like)

Make it a sandwich – put it inside some Boston lettuce for a bit of crunch.

Beef Tenderloin with Green Beans

roast-filet-of-beef-vertical-b-600 (Okay, so you can pick another cut of beef if you prefer, but I was really in the mood for tenderloin.)

Cajun Shrimp (Skipping the Sauce)


Slutty Pasta


Not sure why they call this "Slutty" - It's a putanesca and it's delicious without being too heavy or fattening.

Bison Meatballs with Feta Mint Quinoa


I make this every couple weeks. My husband loves it all as much as I do.  Always a pleaser.

Feta Mint Quinoa

Taco Bar


 Every week, we host a Game of Thrones watch party.  It's some of our closest friends  - we eat, drink, sometimes play board games and always watch Game of Thrones. It's generally a potluck. We provide the theme and the beer and some food and others toss in accordingly. This week, I'll be making most of the proteins and providing the bases for a Taco Bar.

 Below is a list if items we plan to include in our Taco Bar.


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