Who is going to marry us?

Your significant other popped the question, you said yes.  Immediately, you booked your venue, hired your caterer and found the perfect dress (tux).  You even thought about what time of day you want to get married to catch the perfect sunset hitting those amazing bluebonnets that will be in full bloom.  But did you think about who would be marrying you? For those getting married in a church or at their synagogue, this might not be as important but there are questions still worth considering. Before you even talk to officiants though make sure you have an idea about the type of ceremony you want (modern, traditional, religious, spiritual, long, short), if, where you are getting married has certain rules that apply (ie: who can legally marry you, who can legally be married, how much time you have to get marriage license) - though your wedding planner will probably have research all of this for you, and anything special you want to incorporate into your ceremony. Once you've thought about these things, it's time to talk to some officiants.  Below are some important questions to consider. 1. Do you require pre-marital counseling? Do you offer pre-marital counseling? In Travis County, those who take Twogether classes receive a marriage license discount of $60.  In addition, couples can learn a lot about healthy marriages and how to overcome some of life's harder situations.  It's not required in the State but many people find it helpful. 2. Are you ordained and recognized in the state of Texas?  In Travis county, your best friend can marry you and your significant other, but they still need to be ordained. Have someone you want to marry you but isn't ordained?  Look online to find a free class.  However, there are exceptional officiants here in Austin, TX that we can recommend! 3. What happens if you are sick? Very important question! If they are sick and cannot even get out of bed, what's their backup plan?  Do they have someone they work with to be available?  Will that person be in on a meeting with you? 4. Will you meet with us before to learn more about us and incorporate special aspects of us into the ceremony? To some people this isn't as important, but for those who want their ceremony to be a reflection of them, it's important to have a one-on-two conversation with the person officiating your ceremony. Not only will they get a sense of who you are as a couple, but what's truly important to you. 5. Will you mail the signed certificate to the county after the ceremony? Most officiants in Travis County do this, but it's important to ask so you know if you have to do it before jumping on the plane to your honeymoon or if you have time to wait until you get back. There are so many more questions to consider when talking to your officiant.  You can find more questions here! 

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