Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Wedding Planner

Not everyone should hire a wedding planner.  Maybe you are one of those people.  Hiring a wedding planner is for people who don't mind working with someone else who can give unbiased suggestions about your big day, solve problems you might never see coming, and can even cut costs. We think hiring a wedding planner is the smart idea, and not just because we are wedding planners. However, there are some people who probably should not hire a wedding planner. Here are three reasons you should not hire a wedding planner:
  • You don't want to let go of any control. 

As wedding planners, we understand wanting to control everything.  However, we also understand the importance of delegation and taking suggestions from professionals.  If you, however, want to do everything for your big day, including dealing with last minute snags like a no-show minister or an obnoxious aunt, then hiring a planner really isn't for you.

  • You want your mother to make all the decisions for you.

One of the questions we often hear from clients is: "How do I deal with my mom, who wants to tell me exactly what to do?"

For the bride or groom, it's often hard to tell mom no.  If you are okay with that then there really isn't any need for a wedding planner because mom will do all the work anyway. But, if you want your own ideas to determine how your big day turns out, hiring a wedding planner can be beneficial because it's a lot easier for the wedding planner to shed some light on the situation and ask your mom if she wants it to be her wedding or yours.

  • You thrive on stress. 

Many people thrive on meeting deadlines and often work better while under stress.  However, stress often causes people to gain weight, get pimples, and become hard to work with.  If you don't mind being stressed to the point of exhaustion then planning a wedding without a planner is the way to go.

Hiring a wedding planner is not for everyone.  A planner can help you make many decisions quicker, help keep you on budget, and put things into perspective.  We hear from brides all the time who, upon finding out we are planners, give an example or two about why they wished they'd hired a planner. The choice is yours.

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